How do I get started? It’s easy, call the studio or just simply step in.

Do I need to bring a partner? It’s always more beneficial to bring a partner, but it is not required.

What should I wear? Anything that is comfortable & casual to dance in. Sneakers are often not a good option for spins and turns.

Do I need special dance shoes? Not required in the beginning but helpful once you began to advance.

What is better, the private Lessons or the group classes? Both are equally important for different reasons. The best is to have a  combination of the two along with the practice/party sessions.

Can I still dance if I have 2 left feet? No one has two left feet. Two right foot is not good either! We will show you which is the left and which is the right:)

Why should I choose your studio? Our studio specializes in tailoring lessons to your individual needs and learning styles.